2D Floorplan Conversion

We transform hand-drawn property sketches into customized 2D floor plans. Choose your style, colors, branding, and information. Prices start at £6.95, with a quick 3-hour turnaround and no contract required.

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Advantages of Image Enhancement

A detailed walkthrough for Floor Plan


Step 1

You take measurements and create sketches.

"We conduct an on-site visit to measure and sketch the property layout. Need tips? Check out our informative blog. Unsure about the equipment? Here's a list of what you'll need."

Step 2

Convenient upload at any time.

Easily send us your sketches anytime through our user-friendly client portal. Simply drag and drop your files. We save your preferences for quick order placement in seconds.


Step 3

Let us create your customized floor plan.

Once we receive your sketches, we immediately start drafting your digital floor plan. You can expect an email notification when it's ready, which usually takes around 3 hours. If any amendments are necessary, they are provided at no additional cost.


Floor areas (GIA)

Toggle the visibility of the gross internal area (GIA) for each floor.

Room names

Toggle the display of room names for each room.

Room measurements

Toggle the display of measurements in the center of each room.


Specify a custom disclaimer, use our default text, or choose not to display a disclaimer.


Choose which parts of the address to include or choose not to display it at all.


Personalize your plans by including your own logo or watermark.


Customize the color scheme to match your brand palette or opt for our Zoned color style.


Save your client's preferences to quickly order customized plans.

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Black and white Floorplans

Zoned color floor plans.

What is the pricing for Floor plans Conversion?

Essential edits: What’s included?

Personalize your plans extensively with included options: information display, color scheme, unit type, north arrow, canvas crop, grouping, orientation, logo, disclaimer, and file type."

  • EditSet price
  • 1 – 2 bedrooms£6.95 + VAT
  • 3 – 4 bedrooms£8.95 + VAT
  • 5 bedrooms£10.95 + VAT
  • 6 – 7 bedrooms£14.95 + VAT
  • 8 – 9 bedrooms£26.95 + VAT
  • 16 bedrooms or moreGet Qoute


Optional extras if you need them. The additional charge is on top of the set price. Some Add-ons are priced per image, some are priced per set.

  • EditAdditional charge
  • Whitelabel£2.00 + VAT


You can conveniently use our user-friendly client portal to upload your files. You can upload up to 5 files per order and select any additional Add-ons that may be required. Please note that each order is limited to one property.

Our target turnaround time for floor plan conversion is 3 hours. However, please consider allowing a few additional hours if your plan is complex or if the order is placed outside of UK office hours.

We offer free amendments for your floor plans. Simply communicate the desired changes to us through the client portal, and we will promptly take care of them for you.

We have a helpful blog post on measuring floor plans according to RICS guidelines. Make sure to give it a read for valuable tips. Additionally, we also provide information on the necessary gear you’ll need for the task.

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